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Byzantine Art dates back to a period in time when Christianity was at it's Peak in many ways. Byzantine incense which is a mixture of resin and essential oils flourished. The paintings of this period focused around The Sacred Arts.In Orthodoxy the image is not allowed to be changed as it reflects the true image although clothing can be changed somewhat. more

Incense making, Devotional Architecture, and the paintings of Christ, his Disciples, and the various Saints. In Byzantine Icons the eyes are large as is the head for we learn in many different paths to learn one must watch everything closely, and think before acting. The mouth is small as one again should Listen rather than speak, unless something really needed to be said. You'll find that many of the Icons depict dark skin as Christ, and most of the 'group' were Arabs. So these things are based on Fact rather than the illusion of fiction. 
After all Christ was a Jew.

Here are a few Icons, the originals of which are from a couple to several hundreds of years old. If you are interested in copies, we import them from Greece, cost and sizes vary, 3 x 4 inch are $10 while larger are $25 - 45. As we receive them, we'll display them with information and pricing.

AgiosNikolas1.JPG (29791 bytes)
Saint Nickolas

christos1.JPG (36633 bytes)

Helen_Constantine1.JPG (30299 bytes)
Helen & Constantine

Christ, Mary & Child, Saint George & Saint Michael

TheotokosB.jpg (31912 bytes)
Mary & Christ

TheotokosD.jpg (34249 bytes)

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