Essencial Dreams & Vitae Value

It's funny how life works, back in 2014 I took my mom back to Greece for her final days, it's where she wanted to be when her time came and at 94 years old we both knew time was precious. So I took time from our family business to take her there. I know a Pharmacy on the island that is the only one offering alternative medicines as well as conventional and stopped in to see if I could interest the owner with our products. She was open to hearing and loved the fact that we made our own teas and that I knew herbs and invited me to join her for a trek into the mountains of the island to see some of the flora and fauna.

We went to remote area that was absolutely gorgeous and as I came upon a boulder and went to step up I heard that little voice say 'a bit steep isn't it?' But went ahead and pushed to step up when I saw from within a chord like a pencil snap as well as feeling and can swear I heard it. The leg immediately let go she saw my face and asked what's wrong. Not really knowing what just happened I said not sure but my leg isn't working. Winds up I snapped a muscle it actually broke in 2. So she helped me down the mountain and soon learned that I need a hospital 6 weeks minimum in a cast which also meant my return flight was not going to happen. After all this when I went to have the cast removed the wrong doctor was on duty and again I ignore that little voice saying go home and come back next week when the only decent Orthopedic was on duty.. But listen I did not and they wrapped my leg after removing the cast way to tight and that night Thrombosis..

Another 11 day stay at the hospital lots of Blood thinners and the news that it would be at least 6 months before I could board a plane..

Meanwhile we began talking about our products when she told me, you products are excellent but they are just like all the other 'Organic Natural products on the market, why not do something different and more effective? I was open and all ears as she described an idea she had about making Organic products using the best ingredients possible (we were there already..) but said why not select the Essential Oils according to what their Aroma therapeutic values were rather than just scenting with essential oils, which though nice doesn't really address specific issues.

I was intrigued, asking please explain. So for example (and this is how we began) Shampoo instead of Jasmine Shampoo why not Shampoos specific to Hair Types? So there and then we decided we should create a company make these products. Using her Pharmacy to see how people accepted the products we saw locals and tourist take to them and after trying samples (yes we include samples with all orders) people came back telling us how wonderful they were that their scalps were happy and hair was soft and manageable. 4 years later we have developed Hair, Body, Facial Care products as well as Therapeutic products. I showed her how to make Tinctures and Extracts that were beyond what was commercially available and after the first tinctures had aged 3 months she tried them and was amazed at how much more potent and effective they were than Any others she had at her disposal. I explained I learned from Lakota Elders, Medicine Men and Women that saw something in me and that they showed me how to follow the voice inside. (yes I do listen to it, except when I do things like step up steep boulders or listen to come back another time and have a good doctor available)

We not only make our won tinctures and extracts but our own herbal infused oils and we use several oils such as Olive Oil, Jojoba, Almond, Apricot Sunflower and Grape seed and have then a gambit of herbal infused oils to select from for each product. Results are very concentrated herbal Phyto nutrients in our products and since we make them from scratch. (yes even our Cold Cream bases which are made according to Galinos a physician from 600 AD) we can control how powerful they become and we see it in the results and our customers that come back telling us things healed in record time and many times the prescriptions failed to heal but these Therapeutic Creams did it and fast.

The great thing about this partnership is that she can verify through Chemistry why the formulas I come up with and she comes up with and yes we both collaborate, work.

After 4 years of test marketing we brought our formulas back to Essencial Dreams and now create them. Vitae Value continues to serves Greece and all of Europe, Middle East and others while Essencial Dreams covers the Americas and the rest of the world and the products are identical, to the drop. Which for us is very important so that they are exactly the same no matter where they come from! We are working on getting our own Organic Certification but all our raw materials that are purchased have Certification from our suppliers and growers. Wild Crafted does not but is always gathered in the pristine wild and only harvested to assure future abundance. We prune so that the following year the plants have more to offer than the previous year. When harvesting roots we only take up to 1/3 from any area and less. We air dry in shaded environment and kill off any insects that may have laid eggs by means of a vacuum chamber where we take it down to 20 atmospheres and leave it for 48 to 72 hours in the vacuum and nothing survives, but the plants are not harmed in anyway and No pesticides or Insecticides ever.

We think out of the box and the results speak for themselves. With Love and Respect for life and Nature,

All of us at Essencial Dreams and Vitae Value