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<i>the art of organic cosmetics!</i>

Organic Baby Care we call it Angel Care

Angel Care made for the littlest members of the family with Love and Care. You'll not find any petrolium products here and actually in any of our products. We've formulated these to be ever so gentle, our scenting is with just a drop never more than two of Lavender, Chamomile and or Rose Essential Oils all by distillation with pure water. Our organic Diaper Rash Lotion stops the burns and heals. We find mothers telling us it's so nice they use some of them themselves. Enriched with just a few drops of Rescue Remedy, you'll find your little Angel is calm and happy as you use these products. Orginally developed for our own Angels..

Be sure to repeat the treatment in 3 days and again in 3 days to assure we're following the cycle of the eggs laid by the lice, assuring that they are all gone and the Preventative Spray insures you that new out breaks are history..

Baby Lotion 3.38 oz.
Price: $14.15
Quantity in Basket: none
It's so nice, mothers tell us they use it for
themselves as well! 3.38 oz.

Recommended use: Daily, massage gently all over.

Baby Oil 2 oz.
Price: $7.00
Quantity in Basket: none
We use Apricot and Sweet Almond oils that
nourish and are gentle to our Angels.
Then we added just a touch of Chamomile and
Lavender essential oils. 2 oz.

Recommended use: As needed.


Body & Hair Wash 8 oz.
Price: $18.45
Quantity in Basket: none
Gentle SLS Free and of course no parabens,
not for our most precious member of the family.
Just a touch of Chamomile and Lavender essential
oils calm baby and make bathing a joyful and
relaxing experience. 8 oz.

Recommended use: Daily.

Baby Diaper Rash Lotion 3.38 oz.
Price: $13.10
Quantity in Basket: none
Sooth irritated baby bottoms without chemicals.
You'll be amazed at how well your Angel's bottom
will respond to this! Chamomile soothes and the
Rescue Remedy calms your angel's bottom from
any rash effects.
Unlike any other diaper rash lotion you've used! 3.38 oz.

Recommended use: Every diaper change.


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