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<i>the art of organic cosmetics!</i>

We are family owned and operated, so when it comes to our products our philosophy is that if our family wouldn't want to use them, why would yours? Since our humble beginning in 1986 selling Sage and Sweet Grass out of the back of a car, we've strived to maintain a high quality standard in our products that transcends the notch in the time line where customers became only statistics instead of people and products were more than just hype and marketing values. Since then we've come a long way, offering a variety of Natural Body Care & Aromatherapy products, Wild Crafted & organic herbs, Exotic Incense from here and abroad and much more, allowing us to provide quality products, made with thought and care from our home to yours. We ship Worldwide.

Our products are made from Organically Grown or Wild Crafted ingredients, we make our own tinctures and extracts using Grape Alcohol and unlike most folks that age their mother 2-3 weeks ours age a minimum of 3 months giving us a fare superior extract full of the nutrients we want for our products! We incorporate Aromatherapy in our products using Pure Organic Essential Oils and where possible low doses of Homeopathic Solutions which not only give life to the products but relieve us from stress from daily activities and environmental impacts we encounter.

In 2010 we began a sister company in Greece, Vitae Value (the value of Life) with our partner an alternative Pharmacist on the island of Kalymnos.. This created and entire line of Holistic Face, Body and Hair Care products unlike anything on the market today. It incorporates Aromatherapy, Phyto Therapy and Homeopathy. We test marketed the products as they were being developed in the Pharmacy, Kalliope Patelli Pharmacy there since they also have a large International presence due to the tourism of the island and the results are 100% customer satisfaction with requests for products from Customers from all of the World. In 2014 we brought the formulas to Essencial Dreams, remodeled our workspace installed a lab and can now offer these incredible products to you and ship them Worldwide. More.

Aside from our own business we travel to occasional local festivals & our products are located in some stores throughout the country & even abroad.. So, if we can't get to an order right away, come visit our store on the road, you can't miss are big canvas marquee, just follow your nose!


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'Gotta Have It Yesterday' means we drop everything
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Please know that Priority Mail is usually 2-3 days
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'Gotta Have It Yesterday' does not
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