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<i>the art of organic cosmetics!</i>

Unlike any other shampoo on the market, Essencial Dreams offers Shampoos made specifically for your hair type as well as Shampoos made by scent. Using effective organic natural ingredients and fragrances you probably won't find anywhere else! Full of hair growth promoting vitamins B,C & E and natural plant extracts from coconut and grapefruit seed, provide a safe natural route to alternative health care. Properties in our Shampoo line give it mild yet thick foaming qualities, natural cleansers and exfoliates to give you a healthy scalp and full hair that shines! Shampoo and Aromatherapy at the same time.. Our Shampoos contain NO Parabenís nor SLS nor artificial fragrances or anything petrochemical, non detergent!

Select from Shampoos made specifically for your hair type or by scent.

Shampoos By Hair Type are of our own creation. Created when we select specific essential oils that offer Therapeutic values for a particular Hair Type then hand crafted with our own herbal extracts, herbal oil infusions and floral waters, then empowered with a homeopathic solution again specific to each hair type. Results are amazing.
Shampoos By Scent you select your favorite essence (we only use essential oils) and enjoy our same Organic Shampoo base, our own herbal extracts and herbal infusions, minus the homeopathic solution and a more in general use.

Combine with one of our Conditioners and amplify the effects of our Shampoo, as well as, give your hair an irresistibly soft texture. Ingredients

white sage shampoo gardenia conditioner patchouli conditioner conditioner made with organic herbal ingredients
all organic no parabens and sls free you'll notice a difference right away you'll feel better too it's all part of the homeopathic solution in conjunction with essential oils specifically selected to work together focused on each hair type. shampoo for dry dandruff, oily dandruff, colored hair, sensitive scalp, gray hair. shampoo for mens hair loss, for womwens hair loss.
shampoos by hair type our original shampoos


our original shampoos our original shampoos our original shampoo line our original shampoo line organic sls free shampoos that are amde for each hair type bit more focused organic sls free shampoos that are amde for each hair type bit more focused organic sls free shampoos that are amde for each hair type bit more focused organic sls free shampoos that are amde for each hair type bit more focused shampoo by hair type formulated for each hair type organic shampoo enriched with essential oils chosen for each hair type then we add our own herbal tinctures, herbal extracts, herbal infusions then select a homeopathic solution specific for each hair type shampoos by scent we use pure organic essential oils in an organic shampoo that contains no parabens and is free from sls shampoos by scent we use essential oils and organic shampoo base enriched with herbal extracts. no parabens and no sls in our shampoos. image your favorite scent and chances are we have that essential oil jasmine, patchouli, frankincense, bergamot, rose geranium, rose, sandalwood are just a few we create. glycerin based and yes it's vegetable so vegan friendly. 5.5 ph it's gentle on your hair we can even custom blend one for you just send us an email.
Prefer to call your order in? Orderline: 1-828-648-4883 9am - 8pm EST.
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