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Mayan Hot Chocolate if you've never tasted it, you have a surprize coming. Chocolate was mean to be paired with Chili it gives Cococa a kick flovor wise that just couldn't be otherwise. Combine that with a hint of Cinnamon, not enough to clearly stand out just a touch. Our suggested mug or cup is made with either milk or a 50/50 blend of milk and water, for those who prefer a less rich Hot Chocolate. You'll find if you heat the liquid first, then add the Mayan Hot Chocolate mix (actually any Cocoa works best this way) you'll find it mixes well wil out having to deal with lumps. (Cold liquid and Cocoa repell each other, honest!)
Sweeten to taste and becareful when you drink it so you don't scald your tounge.. I hate when that happens. Enjoy the flavors and the inner glow that comes a bit later. Perfect for a winters night.

Mayan Hot Chocolate 3.5 oz Tin
Price: $9.95
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When the Conquistadors came they found the Mayans,
Azteca and other tribes enjoying a hot beverage that
they quickly fell in love with. But they never really
found out or asked how it was made. So for Centuries
Hot Chocolate was made the way most of us have known it.
Not Bad but not as it was meant to be enjoyed. Seems a
few things were missing that make the world of difference
..Namely Chili's and Cinnamon.. Together the 3 make
incredible music! Ok no music but what a taste!!

So we've created our Mayan Hot Chocolate using
Organically grown Cocoa, Cinnamon and Chili's.
The result is a tasty rich Hot Cocoa
with flavor that you may have never experienced.
Gives you a bit of an inner glow, but is Not spicy
hot to the tounge!
Tins contain 3.5 ounces you add Milk, and Sweeten to taste.
1 Tin of 3.5 ounces of Mayan Hot Chocolate.


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