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Donate to the Rosebud Children & Elders Toy and Food Drive
Price: $5.00
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Rosebud Reservation Children's & Elders Christmas Drive
Clothing, Toys and non perishable foods are send directly to
Jeff Madewell
Rosebud Christmas Clothing, Food and Toy Drive,
252 N Jay St
West Milton OH 45383

The end of the first full week of December on that Saturday everything is containerized and loaded onto pallets into Tractor Trailers and away they go to Rosebud Sicangu Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation. Once there they are distributed by Elders and families to the neediest families.
Money is also welcomed to help with Trucking which due to Fuel Prices is no longer free, or to buy propane for Elders.
You can stipulate what the money is for when checking out. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal may be used.
Thank you for your generosity.
Donations are in increments of $5. So if you'd like to donate more it's 'quantity' X $5 = Your donation!
By the way please know that 100% of all donations go into the Fund. No one is paid to do this.
Many expenses are out of Jeffメs pocket, he cares and does this out of Love.
Again 100% of money donated goes into the project. Jeff even sponsors concerts and shows to raise money and donated gifts

Happy Holidays All of us at Essencial Dreams


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