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Organic Eye Cream Gels

Our Eye Creams are made for the most sensitive area of our face. Created to be extremely gentle and to be applied with a very light patting to the eye area including the eye lids. It calms, relieves, removes the dark circles and wrinkles. At the same time tones, smoothes the lines in the corners. Aloe vera, Gingko, Arnica and Chamomile extracts address the dark circles while Argan oil, COQ10, Patchouli and Rosewood essential oils smooth the wrinkles and lines by helping your skin produce collagen. Finally Chamazulen from Blue Chamomile essential oil calms all the irritations and inflamations. A magical cream!

Eye Cream Gel
Price: $38.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Organic Chamomile, Ginko biloba, Arnica extracts, soothe
and brighten the eyes. Effective for eliminating dark circles
and reducing inflammation around the eye. 15ml .51 oz.
Recommended Use: Apply around the eyes gently massaging.
Use morning or evening.

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