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<i>the art of organic cosmetics!</i>

There's no better gift than natural, hand-made Facial Care! Why travel to busy mall and department stores, fighting traffic, crowds and stress for products that are made in factories using artificial ingredients and fragrances? Our Facial Care is hand made using all natural ingredients, displayed in attractive baskets with and wrapped with 100% biodegradable cellophane. The fact they they smell divine is from the essential oils used, the fact that the feel divine is because there are No Artificail Ingredients it's all Herbal based.

Face Care Gift Basket 1
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Starting with the Facial Cleanser of your choice
you'll notice how gentle it is, don't forget to take
a deep breath to enjoy the aromatherapeutic
treatment as well. Rinse well pad dry and lets move
on to the Facial Toner.

Close your eyes and spray your face, again breathing
deeply for the aromatherapeutic treatment. Allow to
dry on your face and let's take the Facial Oil and apply
1-2 drops on the palm of your hand. Rub together and
place your hands over your nose and take a deep breath.

Yes more Aromatherapy! You should feel quite relaxed..
Now gently massage it onto your face and notice how
quickly your skin absorbs this. Take your Face Cream
and apply a small amount to your face and gently
massage into your face.
Depending on if you've selected our Day Cream
(Hydration) or Nutrition (our Night Cream your either
ready to start your day or ready for a great nights sleep.

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Face Care Gift Basket 2
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A Facial Serum, currently it's our Revitalizing &
Whitening Serum, Your choice of our Face Mask
then a Day Cream, we call them Hydration Face Creams
and one of our Nutrition (Night) Creams.
Your face will love you and you'll love them! Completely
organic and natural ingredients. You could certainly
pay more but not find better and they work!
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