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Aromiel honey is one of the many treasures you'll find here at Essencial Dreams. Kalymnian Honey, all the way from a tiny island in the southern Agean sea of Greece named Kalymnos is one of the honeys used to create Aromiel Honey. Not that honey is not therapeutic all by it's self but adding just a bit of essential oil(s) the honey is transformed into a super therapeutic product for things like appetite, Oops, got to run but will be right back to complete this listing.

Aromiel - Cinnamon 120ml
Price: $15.75
Quantity in Basket: none
An excellent therapeutic honey to control and
stabilize blood sugar. The combination of Cinnamon
Zeylanicum (true cinnamon) and the Thyme honey from
Kalymnos regulates the secretion of insulin, contributing
to the decline and stabilize blood sugar, regulate cholesterol,
triglycerides, stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite,
helps in weight loss!

Usage: οΎ½ teaspoon 2x a day, 1 hour before your 2 main meals.

Aromiel - Lavender/Chamomile 120ml
Price: $15.75
Quantity in Basket: none
A natural sedative, relaxing, sleep-inducing.
It helps the body and mind to to relax. Hypnagogic,
suitable for long-term anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.
Suitable for all ages and for children.

Usage: Half teaspoon: 2.5 ml. in the mouth without water
or other food, 2 times a day. Half an hour before bedtime
for a good night's sleep.


Aromiel - Neroli 120ml
Price: $15.75
Quantity in Basket: none
Aromiel - Rosemary/Spearmint 120ml
Price: $15.75
Quantity in Basket: none
Safe and effective aromatherapy for cleansing the
liver and controling hypercholesterolemia. At the same
time helps to control anger and nervous exhaustion.

Usage: Half teaspoon: 2.5 ml. mouth, five minutes after each meal.


Aromiel - Thyme 120ml
Price: $15.75
Quantity in Basket: none
Good for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, smokers,
weight loss. Dries moisture and phlem in respiratory
system. Regulates insulin dries, drains congestion.
Ideal for smokers with excessive congestion.

Usage: Half teaspoon: 2.5 ml. 3 times a day, on the
tongue without water or other food.


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