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<i>the art of organic cosmetics!</i>

For the times when burning isn't an option. Powerful and aromatic, Smudge Sprays are made from all natural essential oils from ceder, desert and white sage and other sacred plants used for purification and in native ceremonies.

Cedar Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Are you somewhere where you'd love to or need
to Smudge but burning would not be such a good
idea? Well here's an answer. Cedar clears and
protects the area. Dispells negative energy, then
puts up a protective shield.
So smudge your office without having to burn Cedar!
4 Winds Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
All 3 are combined in this Smudge Spray, for
times when you just can not burn them but need
their help! Sage cleanses, while Cedar expells
negative energy/forces while Sweetgrass calls in
the helpers, some call them angels..

Desert Sage Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Think of Sage like a spiritual soap, cleansing
persons, objects and the area.
Desert Sage, Cedar Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Great combination Clears and Cleanses persons,
objects and areas like your home or office. Ideal
for when you just can't burn them!

Sweet Grass Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Sweet Grass calls in the Spirits, aka Guardians, Angels, or Helpers.
Smudge Spray for when you know you need to
smudge but circumstances don't allow you to
burn it.
White Sage Smudge Spray
Price: $16.95
Quantity in Basket: none
White Sage cleanses. When the room just doesn't
feel right, give it a few sprays and feel the
Smudge Spray for when burning smudge is not an option.

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