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Organic Loose Teas Organic Tea Loose

"Free our tea, free our tea!" Get your favorite tea without the constraints of a tea bag, adding versatility and endless possibilities to meet your needs. Make your own infusions, powders and more. Don't have a tea ball infuser or strainer? No problem!

*We prefer to sell wildcrafted plants but only when they're available and plentiful. When a plant is endagered or scarce, in the wild, we offer organically grown plants.



Greek Sage Tea Loose 3 oz.
Price: $6.00
Quantity in Basket: none

This is a favortie tea, very tasty and calming,
ideal anytime of day but I enjoy it after a big meal
in the evening before bed. Sweeten with a little honey
or sugar you decide!
Salvia fructicosa
Is found through out Greece but the best comes from
the island of Kalymnos in the Southern Aegean.
The islands mountains are poor in soil so that which
does manage to take root grows rich in minerals and
oils the harsh summers, cold nights and wind make
the plants there exceptional in their medicinal
properties. I know sounds like it should be the
opposite, but since Ancient times this island has
been know for it's medicinal herbs and their strength..
Hippocrates which was from the neighboring island of K
os mentions it as does Homer and it even goes back

Drink in the morning to restore
Pancreatic dysfunction. Reduces high glucose levels.
Great for colds as it helps reduce persistant coughs,
colds, sore throats and tonsilitis.
Great after heavy meals to help digestion and the
stomach. Colon cancer may respond to this as well.


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