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Helping Children & Elders on the Reservations.
Nearly 17 years ago we created these pages after seeing how impovershed Reservations in South Dakota were. The idea is to bring donations, non perishable foods, warm clothing space heaters (kerosene), that we're new or in near new condition to families with children and Elders. Spearheading this opperation is a fellow named Jeff Madewell from Ohio. Over a decade ago, during the month of December, Jeff had called wanting to expand and contribute to the cause for Rosebud and has continued to do so, successfully ever since.

Jeff Madewell proved that help is from the heart and every dime contributed goes into obtaining these much needed items. Local businesses, individuals and people all over the country have been integral components to the project and their generousity has been astonishing to say the least. For the past several years Jeff has made the trip ridding along in the tractor trailer to deliver these gifts of Love. Please check out the website Jeff has created for the drive:

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