Anti Lice

Organic Baby Care we call it Angel Care

Head Lice can be dramatic for our children (adults too) but we've developed a completly organic system that kills lice without chemicals, while soothing the scalp and the emotions that come form our precious Angels. We do this using Aromatherapy and Homeopathic solution and the results are lice free hair, soothed irrated scalps and calm happy little ones.

Be sure to repeat the treatment in 3 days and again in 3 days to assure we're following the cycle of the eggs laid by the lice, assuring that they are all gone and the Preventative Spray insures you that new out breaks are history..

Anti Lice Conditioner 3.38 oz
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Anti Lice Defense Spray 8 oz.
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Anti Lice Shampoo 8 oz.
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