Aromatherapy Gift Baskets

Aromatherapeutic Gift Baskets assembled in various offerings for Scentsational Gift Baskets for you or someone special. Even the baskets are special, and actually collectable. Handmade Iroquois from White Ashe or White Oak, they are very limited in quantity and when they run out they automatically dissapear and since the person who made them has journed on they will no longer be available. Made in the USA from the basket to the goodies inside! The essential oils used and offered are from organic sources and Steam Distilled. If you'd like we can enclose a note card from you.. Send someone on Aromatherapeutic journey!

<b>2 Aromatherapy Sprays<br>Iroquois Basket</b>

2 Aromatherapy Sprays
Iroquois Basket


<b>3 Aromatherapy Sprays<br>Iroquois Basket</b>

3 Aromatherapy Sprays
Iroquois Basket