Lemon Balm  10ml

Lemon Balm 10ml

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Product Description

Melissa officinalis Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial,
anti-depressant, antihistamine, antimicrobial, antispasmodic,
antiviral, hypertensive, nervine, tonic, uterine and sedative.
Anxiety, asthma, depression, insomnia, viral infections (herpes),
bronchitis, coughs, colds, cold sore blisters, eczema, erysipelas,
heart conditions, hypertension, indigestion, insect bites, menstrual
problems, migraine, nausea, nervous tension, palpitations, shock,
sterility, throat infections, vertigo and vomiting.
Applied to herpes it will quickly heal. Its delicate and lemon scent
aroma is calming and uplifting.
It will help those who are sensitive and feel pressure easily, and
emotionally shut down. Once we shut down, melancholy or depression
sets in and takes over, but with Lemon Balm we can quickly lift ourselves
back out of this state! 1 dram