Jojoba Facial Oil 35ml

Jojoba Facial Oil 35ml

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Product Description

Highly absorbable Jojoba is the closest thing to
our body oil. Ideal for oily sensitive skin it regulates
sebum and actually sends a message to the pores to
stop over producing it. Enriched with Lavender and
Niaouli essential oils it calms the skin and further
adds to helping the pores perform normally. You'll
notice your skin tone improve and the shine from
oily skin be a thing of the past. Ideal for oil or
combination skin. Great for oily hair as well.

Recommended use: Small amount in the palm rub
together, and take a few deep breaths of it before
using, it really makes a great difference. Gentle
massage your face, neck and upper chest area.
Focus massaging the fatty parts of the face, nose,
chin and forehead. Finish with your night cream.
Make it part of your daily routine and no more oily face.