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    Incense always intrigued me.. its essence, the feeling, the devotion.
Early one fall, my wife, daughter and I were in Greece. There we met Father, a monk of nine years,
who was ordained a priest the day we met him. As a monk, Father had spent much of his time on
Mt. Athos, a peninsula in Northeastern Greece, where only some thirty Orthodox monasteries of the
Byzantine period, and many tiny churches occupy the otherwise dense forests and mountains.
That is where Father was taught the Sacred Art of Incense Making.
    Together we traveled to Patmos, an island beyond words, with an emanating Presence that literally
speaks to one's soul. There we met up with our Spiritual Father, a very special Priest. Now with both
Priests as company, we visited the shrines of several Saints and highlighted the trip with a service in
the cave in which St. John experienced the Book of Revelations.
    On the trip back from Patmos, I stated to Father that something I'd always wanted to learn was
incense making, but no one would talk about it, they would only smile. Father's eyes lit up, and with a
smile he replied, "I will show you!"
    As we began, I gave Father a vial of essence called Nardo. I had been told this was the essence of
the ointment that Mary Magdalene had used on Christ's feet. Father, upon smelling the essence,
asked the name and confirmed its origin as he excitedly read me the passage from the scriptures,
written in Ancient Greek, pre King James, where it is pronounced Narthos.
    Each time we make incense, we still hear his words:
"Pray all the time you work on incense.
Stay focused and meditate throughout its production.
Be aware that you do not create this; you are only working on it."
    Our dedication is to using only pure essential oils, those found in the scriptures.
With this in mind we thank you all, with all our hearts.
Enjoy the dedication to that which matters.. God, love, and each other.

The Kampouris Family

These biblical incenses can be found in the bible but you'll need to go to one pre King James. We offer these handmade incenses in cedar, amber, nardo (tuberose) rose, jasmine, night flower, holy vine, and lemon blossom.

Ideal for meditation, ceremony, purification, and offering to The Sacred, these natural biblical scents are also available in bulk and wholesale.